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Sun May 2, 2004   00:00 GMT

Sunday 2 May:
Website - You'll find all the latest information on my main dxradio website.

Tuesday 13 May:
Propagation - Some Sporadic E to Eastern Europe in late afternoon.

Monday 12 May:
Virgin 105.8 - changed their transmitter site today from Croydon to Crystal Palace. Also their RDS changed from _VIRGIN_ to _Virgin_

Monday 5 May:
Splash FM - launched today on 107.7 MHz. Splash FM are the small-scale local licence holder for Worthing. RDS PS: SPLASHFM & PI:C89E. Website (Thanks, Vinnie)

Thursday 1 May:
Passion FM - is the rebranded name for Fusion FM in Oxford broadcasting on 107.9 MHz. RDS: PASSION_ & PI:C090. website ?? (Thanks, Vinnie)

Wednesday 30 April:
TUBE Radio - began their latest RSL from Ealing with test relays of SBN on 87.9 MHz at 6pm this evening. Their RSL licence runs 1 May to 24 May. (Thanks, James)

Thursday 17 April:
Lite FM - has their RDS changed recently ... perhaps removing the *'s?

Monday 31 March:
Heart 100.7 - RDS PS Name is now Heart_FM in UPPER/lower case. (Thanks, John)

Saturday 29 March:
FEBA - FEBA Radio ceases use of their Seychelles transmission facility on 30 March. Well maybe the 29 March depending on how you interpret their B02 & A03 schedule information on their website. Instead of Seychelles, they will hire airtime on various transmitters in Africa and Asia.
Updates - a few more updated weblinks on my UK Commercial Stations webpage

Friday 28 March:
Updates - lots of updates to weblinks for UK Commercial Stations - still some to find!

Tuesday 25 March:
BBC Hereford & Worcester - will soon be heard on 1584 kHz AM via the 300 Watt transmitter at Woofferton near Ludlow. With BBC R Shropshire having opened two new FM transmitters recently, the decision was made to switch 1584 kHz to carry BBC Hereford & Worcester so that listeners in North Herefordshire would enjoy better reception. It was several years ago that the Hereford AM transmitter on 819 kHz was closed. A possible date for the changeover is March 31, with a "retune" loop being broadcast for 24 hours prior to the switch.
Energy FM - will soon be testing a new channel on 105.2 MHz from Ballasaig. Also their Ramsey transmitter on 98.6 will change to 98.3 MHz this month. Later this summer they'll also be on 102.4 MHz from Beary. (Energy FM website)

Monday 24 March:
KM-fm RDS - Allegedly the ex-TLR station has RDS: _KM-fm__ and the ex-Neptune stations have RDS: KM-fm___. Anyone within coverage area to verify? (thanks, Jack)

Thursday 20 March:
London pirates - various new stations and changes noted in past few days.

Wednesday 19 March:
More KM-fm stations - Neptune Radio (96.4   106.8) is now rebranded as KM-fm Folkestone, and TLR (107.2 MHz) is now rebranded as "Thanet's KM-fm". I've also updated all the website links for KM-fm stations on the ukrdscom webpage. Anyone have the new RDS details for these stations?

Friday 14 March:
Star 1079 - in Cambridge have changed RDS from STAR_CAM to Star1079 ... much like the previous change from STAR_FM_ to Star1066 in Slough. (Thanks, Rob)

Thursday 13 March:
Festival RSL - Noticed the RSL for the Cheltenham Racing Festival has RDS FESTIVAL on 87.7 MHz, and is off-air in the evenings/overnights.

Monday 10 March:
Time FM - is the new name for Millennium FM from Thamesmead in SE London. PI:C090 PS:TIME_FM_ Website: (Thanks for the tip, Vinnie)

Monday 24 February:
Dee 106.3 - more RDS information now to hand ... RDS:Dee106.3 PI:C797 TA:1 TP:0 M/S:M PTY:10 RT:More music, more variety    Radio at the heart of Chester". (Thanks, Ian)

Tuesday 18 February:
Dee 106.3 - is currently testing to Chester on 106.3 with RDS: DEE106.3 - their website isn't yet updated with launch information.

Thursday 30 January:
Saga FM East Midlands - began on-air testing of their lower power relay on 101.4 from Drum Hill. RDS:__SAGA and PI:C3A2.

Tuesday 28 January:
Saga FM East Midlands - began on-air testing on 106.6 MHz from the Waltham site. It's on low power with a temporary vertically polarised antenna. RDS:__SAGA__ and PI:C3A2 although the RDS inject level is very low. Programmes are due to start at 7am on Tuesday 11 February.

Friday 24 January:
WWKB - on 1520 in Buffalo NY is dropping NewsTalk in favour of oldies starting 6am Eastern Monday 27 Jan. "KB" are one of the easier to hear US MW stations from over here in the UK, particularly around dawn.

Wednesday 15 January:
Saga 106.6 - is due to launch on February 11 on 106.6 and 101.4 MHz.
FreeView - UK Bright Ideas and FTN launched today. UK Bright Ideas is on-air 6am-6pm, with FTN 6pm-6am.
BBC THREE - is the replacement for BBC Choice on Dsat, Freeview and Dcable. The channels is due for launch on Sunday 9th February. The first evening will be a simulcast with BBC TWO, and to promote interest some Eastenders episodes will be shown first on BBC THREE.

Tuesday 14 January:
KMFM 106 - is the new name for CTFM in Canterbury on 106.0 MHz, which is now owned by the Kent Messenger Group. RDS now KM-fm106. (thanks, Vinnie).

Monday 13 January:
Radio Caroline - launches on the Sky Digital platform today at 1430 UTC. They're at 11.623H, SR275 FEC2/3 but are not currently listed in the EPG.

Tuesday 7 January:
More updates - to the ukrdscom page, especially station websites. (thanks, Vinnie).

Monday 6 January:
LBC 97.3 - has changed RDS PS to LBC_97.3 and PI:C581. (thanks, Vinnie).

Sunday 5 January:
GTFM Access Radio - noted with RDS GTFM1069 and PI:C491
Chiltern 96.9 - also updated their RDS Chilt_FM on the UK Commercial RDS listing webpage (thanks, Rob).

Saturday 4 January:
Vibe 101 - has taken over the 101.0 MHz spot in Bristol from Galaxy 101. New RDS is vibe_101 with the same C3A5 PI code.

Wednesday 26 December:
LBC News - "LBC news" has taken over from "News Direct 97.3 FM" on 97.3 MHz in London. RDS PS Name is now _LBC____. New website too - And of course they're simulcasting LBC News on 97.3 FM and 1152 AM until January 6 2003.

Thursday 10 October:
MW - BBC Somerset Sound will change frequency from 1323 kHz to 1566 kHz on Tuesday 22 October. Their power will be unchanged at 630 Watts emrp.

Tuesday 8 October:
DTT - People with DTT set-top boxes are being invited to do a "Store Channels". This will give them the new DTT channel line-up, in readiness for the October 30th launch of BBC FreeView. Some of the radio channels are already carried eg 1Xtra, R5 Live, 5Live Sports Extra and 6 music. And ITV News is now 24 hours a day on DTT channel 41.

Monday 30 September:
LPAM - University Radio Falmer launches today on 1431 kHz AM, from the University of Sussex in Brighton.

Thursday 22 August:
DX TV Logos - new website to help identify logo's seen while tv dx-ing ... DX TV Logos

Sunday 4 August:
Susy Radio - has begun their 28 day RSL broadcasting on 531 kHz AM with just 1 Watt emrp. Very good reception in London. Check out their website for more information ...

MW Offsets - Using the free audio analysis software, Spectrum Lab, I've been investigating signals on various MW channels. Most interesting so far has been the sheer number of signals on 1470 kHz - some nights up to 27 stations! Check out some of the traces on the mwoffsets page.

Monday 10 June:
87.8 mystery - The English language station came in again this afternoon for about 15 minutes at just gone 1300 UTC. Still no real clues to where it originates.
Sporadic E - Little bit to Spain around 1100 UTC, also briefly to Portugal just after 1530 UTC. Then a big opening to Greece, Italy and Tunisia 1745-2010 UTC.

Sunday 9 June:
87.8 mystery - An English language station faded up on 87.8 MHz in time for IRN news at midday local (1100 UTC). Fades were strategically placed to prevent identification - is this a BFBS station?

Thursday 30 May:
RSL - Air Fair Radio has started its 4 day RSL from the Biggin Hill Air Show. It's on 87.9 MHz with RDS: AIR_FAIR and PI:C095. This is obviously going to compete with Jewel FM's RSL from Maidenhead also on 87.9 with RDS: JEWEL_FM and PI:C096.

The European FM Handbook 2001-2 is now available - This 12th edition contains 673 pages with information on around 35000 FM radio stations in Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa. Information included are frequencies, powers, transmitter sites, networks, local stations, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email and www addresses, maps etc.
More info from the EFMH website.

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