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The Reception itself

I made the recording at 1115 UTC on Monday November 29, 1999 on 87.7 MHz FM. My tuner is a Sony SA3es, fitted throughout with 110 kHz filters. Therefore it can also receive 87.75 MHz (channel A-6 audio) quite happily, but not 87.6 or 87.8 MHz. The tuner's RDS decoder IC is hooked up to a PC, but no RDS data was present during this reception. The audio recording was made on a Mac ... 16 bit, 11.025 kHz sampling in mono.

How can you help?

You've probably already heard the audio clip, but just in case here are the links again.

Real Media format AIFF format Windows WAV format

Summary of Contributions

Just about everyone says that they hear 2 stations here.

The male voice is apparently that of KNBC's early morning news anchor Kent Shocknek. (KNBC is the NBC station in Los Angeles, California and is on channel 4.) It seems to be a recording of him on-air describing an aftershock of the Northridge earthquake in January 1994. The main quake hit at 4:31, and there was a powerful aftershock at 5:26:45. KNBC do indeed have a seismo-cam (see their website).
"... we are feeling right now, at five twenty-six. You're looking at a live picture from our Channel 4 seismo-cam ..."

What we still have to find out is who was transmitting it on Nov 29. Was it part of a lookback at the 1990's, was it a news item or documentary about earthquakes or famous news anchors, or possibly a commercial?

The female voice has been identified by WECT's Chief Engineer as one of their news anchors, Frances Weller. WECT is on the coast in Wilmington NC. A second person also recognised the voice to be hers.

All the Contributions

Here are all the "Contributions" I've received so far ... there are many !! (Last updated 27 Jan 2000)

Weather conditions

I've put 3 surface weather maps and a day/night picture on a "Weather" page. I've also received a forecast map for the 30th. Does anyone have any ideas on how (or if) these might help explain the reception?


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