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Produced by:
The British FM & TV Circle
15 Boarhill Grove
Ashfield Park
NG17 1HF
DX Loggings, News and Information for FM & TV DXers europe
Since January 2001 the Skywaves Ezine is available free for members. For information on how to enjoy a free on-line subscription from the British FM & TV Circle - click Skywaves Membership
Here are two sample issues of Skywaves, the monthly publication of the British FM & TV Circle. We appreciate your comments about these Ezine versions.
Skywaves Issue 46 - April 2000    609k Skywaves Issue 48 - June 2000    765k
We also produce compilations of logbooks submitted to Skywaves. The logs are presented in sorted order ... Frequency / ITU / Date / Time
1998 compilation Logbook    274k 1999 compilation Logbook    394k
The Skywaves Ezine is published in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3 (or later) software - a free download from Adobe. Get Acrobat
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